Client Installation

Installing the Client and related tools

Python Client

The Kaskada Python client can be installed using pip

pip install kaskada 

️ Info

Note that a specific version of grpcio is installed because Kaskada's Python library currently specifies the wrong version.

This will download and install the latest Kaskada library.

IPython (Jupyter) Extension

IPython is an interactive Python runtime used by Jupyter and other notebooks to evaluate Python code blocks. IPython supports "magic extensions" for customizing how code blocks are interpreted. Kaskada provides a magic extension that simplifies querying Kaskada. To use the extension you must first install the fenlmagic python package, for example using pip:

pip install fenlmagic

️ Info

Make sure to install this package in the same environment IPython will be running in.

Inside an IPython session (for example a Jupyter notebook) the extension can be loaded using the magic command %load_ext:

%load_ext fenlmagic

This will load the extension into the IPython context. You can verify the install worked by initializing the extension:

  %%fenl [--var VAR] [--as-view AS_VIEW] [--output OUTPUT]
            [--to-redis TO_REDIS]

fenl query magic

optional arguments:
  --var VAR            Assigns the body to a local variable with the given
  --as-view AS_VIEW    adds the body as a view with the given name to all
                       subsequent fenl queries.
  --output OUTPUT      Output format for the query results. One of "df"
                       (default), "json", "parquet" or "redis"
  --to-redis TO_REDIS  If provided, write the query results to the given redis
                       host. Implies --output redis

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