Client Setup

To use Kaskada, you'll need to have Python and the Kaskada Python library installed.

Install Python

If you're using a Mac or Linux machine, you may already have Python installed. Verify Python is installed by opening up a terminal and running the following command:

python --version

You should see something like:

$ python --version
Python 3.6

Please note: Kaskada's Python library only supports Python 3.6+.

Client Installation

The first step in using Kaskada in a notebook is to install the Kaskada Python client package.

pip install kaskada 

Setup "fenlmagic" Extension

IPython (the Python runtime used by Jupyter) supports what it calls "magic commands" - commands prefixed with % or %%, whose implementation may be provided by arbitrary Python code.

Kaskada provides a magic command to improve the Fenl authoring experience.

To use the magic extension you must first install the fenlmagic package in your notebook environment:

pip install fenlmagic

Additional information about client installation can be found here: Reference - Client Installation

Client Authentication

The next step is to connect to Kaskada by logging in to Kaskada's admin page and set up your environment.

We recommend using the python getpass method to avoid saving your client id and secret to the notebook:

import os
from getpass import getpass

os.environ["KASKADA_CLIENT_ID"] = getpass("Enter your Kaskada Client ID here: ")
os.environ["KASKADA_CLIENT_SECRET"] = getpass("Enter your Kaskada Client Secret here: ")

When executing this code-block, paste in your client id and secret, and they will be added to the environment without displaying to the screen or saving to the notebook.

Client Initialization

After setting the environment variables, initialize the Kaskada client.

import kaskada as kda

If your credentials are valid, this should return no results. If you get an error, check your credentials.

Finally, the fenlmagic extension must be initialized to register the syntax extension with IPython:

%load_ext fenlmagic

Additional information about client authentication can be found here: Reference - Client Authentication

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